Collide – Youth

The youth ministry at Second Baptist is an integral part of our church. It is an inclusive group of young people who are known for accepting others as they are and helping them to grow spiritually.

Collide – v. to come into forceful contact

Collisions can alter the direction of our lives, wake us up to a new reality, and change our very identity. We don’t often remember the soft encounters, but meaningful impacts are hard to forget. Colliding with God’s Word is the best kind of impact.

Bible Study and Fellowship

Bible Study and Fellowship is our time to gather together into peer groups and dig into the bible together. This is where our youth makes real connections – to God’s Word and to each other.



Each Sunday evening from 5:45 to 7:15, we have the AWANA program for Cubbies, Sparks, TNT, Trek and Journey. We focus on integrating the bible into our hearts and minds. And there are games, activities, and a WHOLE bunch of laughter!



Each year, we spend part of a week in the summer hosting VBS – we have classes for all ages, activities, games, and snacks. It is a great way to introduce  new youth to God’s people and His Word in a setting that is safe, friendly, and supportive.

Worship through music

Our youth make a substantial portion of our music ministry at Second Baptist. It is an opportunity to worship with the gifts of our voices, musical talent, and to help the youth grow in their service to the Lord.

Camps and Activities

Each year, we take the teens on at least one camp – it is a time of growth and fun when the teens really come together as a group. Usually there are two worship services, devotion times and journaling, and a time of sharing our faith with the community. Outdoor activities, food challenges, and quite a bit of creative chaos are part of the camps as well!

In addition to camps, we have regular activities throughout the year for all age groups – cookouts, outings, lock ins, etc – all sorts of ways for our youth to grow closer to one another and to our church family. We will have two festivals (spring and fall) where we encourage friends and families to join us and learn more about the youth ministry at Second Baptist.


We provide transportation to and from services – simply contact us and we will be glad to ensure that you have a way to and from church.