Putting a new coat of paint on our church!

God has given us a window of good weather, and we’re in the process of painting our church! Please excuse our progress as the preparatory work is ongoing. Lots of sanding, caulking, priming, and plastic on the windows. The temporary inconvenience will soon result in a new coat of paint on our church. And not just the building, we’re painting the railings, and the awnings. Nothing like a new coat of paint to spruce things up. 

Keep checking back in for updates on our progress – we have several other projects in the works right now that we’ll share over the next few weeks. We are so excited to see the visible results of some of the hard work that often occurs out of sight. Thanks to all who are working behind the scenes to make these plans a reality.

Please Excuse our Progress!

We appreciate everyone’s patience as we start our projects to upgrade the facility. We promise that the short term inconveniences will soon be replaced with excitement at all of the changes. Praise God for the wonderful work He is doing here at Second Baptist.

There are so many people who are helping out – we all appreciate the hard work that is going into the renovations. Check back regularly for progress reports on all of the updates that will soon be occurring. 

September 1 – We’re Finally Here!

We’re so excited about our new location! After 96 years of service at our original location in downtown Douglasville, the Lord has brought us here to our new facility. We’re the same church that serves the same Lord, we just happen to have a new address.

And speak of new addresses – we’re so glad you our new web site address as well! We’ll be updating content regularly and this will be our source of news and events, so check back regularly.

Come join us for worship – we hope to see you soon!