New to Second Baptist

Where do I take my children?

Nursery is provided for all services, including Sunday school, and it is located upstairs. We will be happy to show you the nursery and introduce you to our nursery staff.

Logistics New to Second Baptist

Where do I go when I get to Second Baptist?

Visiting any new church can seem confusing – please feel free to ask us for assistance, we want you have a meaningful and enjoyable worship service .

Sunday School for Adults and College & Career classes are located downstairs. Any of our members will be happy to introduce you to your class. Sunday school for all other ages are located upstairs, as is the nursery.

After Sunday School, everyone gathers downstairs in the sanctuary for worship. Nursery is provided during service as well, and it is located upstairs.


Youth Class Locations

All youth classes are located upstairs (click the image below to enlarge).