2016 – ascend^ – summer camp

I press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus. – Phl 3:14


We had another great camp this year – we spent a week at the Ocoee River. Our theme was “ascend” – and we explored:

  • the ideas of our minds ascending over the thinking of this culture we live in,
  • our service in God’s Kingdom ascending as a thank offering,
  • the mountains we each have to ascend in our growth
  • the promise that one day we will ascend in the final expression of our salvation to be with our Lord

We did our best to capture some of the moments that give you sense of what camp is like in the slideshow above. We were so blessed to worship at some unique places – at the creek and at the lake were two places where you could sense God’s presence in His Creation. We went rafting, horseback riding, played paintball, conquered a high ropes course, did a team building course, played slip-n-slide wiffle ball… and tons of other things.

We try our best to ensure that camp is a time of focused growth and a time where our youth group (we call it Collide) grows a little closer. If you are interested in being apart of our camp or Collide, we would love to share more about what we do here at Second Baptist.

Until next year… God bless.

Summer Camp 2013 – For His Glory


If you ever question… 

  • why you read your bible
  • why you serve
  • why you keep going when its hard
  • why you fight through the doubts
  • why stand when no one else will
  • why you should do anything at all

then your answer lies in this simple phrase: For His Glory

This is why
This is why

It is the reason you can make sense out things that world cannot. It is the reason you can go on. It is the reason we are here. Sometimes, why is not the right question, but we find it hard not to ask anyways. This is the answer. This is the purpose. This is why. 

This summer, we’ll explore what this means for us as we walk along our journey of faith. Pray for the youth who will go with us… that they will be prepared to be changed. Pray for those who cannot go… that they too will be ready for change. Pray for our leaders and helpers.