Pathways – College & Career Class – Second Baptist Church

Pathways is a group modeled after the analogy of life as a series of journeys. This is not the same journey that you would be on if you traveled on a highway. It’s about the simple inner journey that is walked not driven, measured in steps not miles.

path in woods

You don’t know exactly where this path is leading, or what you may encounter. And in the end, the destination isn’t really the point. It’s the steps along the way that count, the series of moments where you are engaged with this group, as you read God’s Word. You will struggle with God’s Word, be excited about it, engrossed in it, challenged by it, and often in awe of it. It’s really no different than a real path where you anticipate what lies beyond the bend, wade through streams, climb hills and trees, and are mesmerized by nature’s display.

Hopefully, you will read yourself into the bible, and in so doing, you’ll let God’s Word live itself out through you into this world He so selflessly loves.

who:     anyone who has graduated high school or is 19-29 years of age
where:  fellowship hall (upstairs)
when:  10.00 am