Connect & Grow

Bible Study and Community

Jesus formed a new community around Himself that would eventually grow into many communities of believers who strive to follow Him.

Groups of different kinds of people, coming together to learn about God through the scriptures. Two thousand years ago, they met in homes, synagogues, wherever they could. Today we meet in classrooms, homes, and even online. If you were to remove the trappings of modern life, these two groups of people would be remarkably similar. In their essence, they are exactly the same – just people who want to come together to learn more about their Lord and grow closer to Him. 

Where do we meet?

Adult classes are located downstairs .

All youth classes and the nursery are located upstairs .

Senior Adults Class

Those who have traveled a path with the Lord, who have depended on Him, and who have been amazed by Him, share a special bond. A familiarity with the walk of faith that others, who have not traveled as far, can know. Their wisdom is tried and true. Their grace and love toward others expresses itself so easily. They are examples worth emulating.

This honored group of people come together each Sunday morning to study God’s Word. They encourage each other, and they help each other. And quite often, their joy is heard in laughter that spills out into the lobby of our church. They are our example and our cherished saints. 

Bereans – Growing & Serving in Christ

Thoughtful studies in God’s Word, sharing one another’s journey, and times of fellowship – this is what you can expect from the Bereans. For adults, 19-55, this class of diverse and compelling individuals and couples provides a place of refreshing and rejuvenation each week. You’ll strengthen and deepen your biblical worldview and connect with good people.

Pathways – College & Career

Pathways is a group modeled after the analogy of life as a series of journeys. This is not the same journey that you would be on if you traveled on a highway. It’s about the simple inner journey that is walked not driven, measured in steps not miles.

path in woods

You don’t know exactly where this path is leading, or what you may encounter. And in the end, the destination isn’t really the point. It’s the steps along the way that count, the series of moments where you are engaged with this group, as you read God’s Word. You will struggle with God’s Word, be excited about it, engrossed in it, challenged by it, and often in awe of it. It’s really no different than a real path where you anticipate what lies beyond the bend, wade through streams, climb hills and trees, and are mesmerized by nature’s display.

Hopefully, you will read yourself into the bible, and in so doing, you’ll let God’s Word live itself out through you into this world He so selflessly loves.

WHEN:  10.00 AM

The Carpenter’s Way

One of the most significant transitions that kids experience occurs when become teenagers. It is a time of change in so many aspects of their lives. It’s also a time of many competing influences. Becoming a teenager and exploring who they are in their own minds present wonderful opportunities to connect them to God’s Word and the work of the Holy Spirit.

The Carpenter’s Way bible study and fellowship class provides that crucial sense of acceptance and stability that comes from studying God’s Word for middle & high school students.


The hearts of our children are so open to God. Jesus loved children, God expects us to teach them, and we have been entrusted with showing them the way. A child’s faith, a child’s ability to memorize scripture, and the intense interest of child as they hear a story from the bible – all three are amazing things to behold. We are grateful for the gift of trust to allow us to participate in the spiritual development of our children. It’s our prayer that each child comes to know Jesus and grow with Him.