2016 – AWANA Redneck Snowball Fight

How do you have a snowball fight in April? Flour + socks + a lot of SPACE + some teens. The better question is why would you do such a thing? They called it Redneck Snowball. It looked like a lot fun… until a mob a crazy teens chased me all over the field. Inside…

Missionary David Combe

Missionary David Combe and his family shared with us exciting updates about their ministry in Mexico City. They have accomplished so much in over a decade of ministry, and they have exciting plans for growth through a new college, radio ministry expansion, and training others to go out into all of Mexico.

B-day Celebration 2015

Pastor & Mrs Anita’s Birthday Celebration We had such a wonderful day today. Tonight’s service was great – we had special singing and great testimonies! And then we  had a celebration in honor of Pastor & Mrs. Anita’s birthdays. Homemade ice cream, birthday cake, and then kickball! Tweet

Looking for the Messiah

Each year, we struggle to make sense of Christmas. To “do it right” – that is to say, to ensure its real and authentic. As opposed to superficial and commercialized. And, for Christians who see that the world around us does not necessarily share our beliefs, we feel a burden to ensure we don’t get…