Intimate Bible Study

We welcome you to rediscover a church experience that is as old as our faith – harkening back to the small, intimate gatherings that Paul describes in Romans 16.

One Hundred Years!

We are so blessed to be a church with a legacy that has brought us into our 100th year! God has been good to us through these years, and we look forward to many more!

Some of our youth dressed up in period costumes to help us recognize just how much has changed in the last century. The good news is the we are still a church that glorifies God, honors His Word, and Worships Jesus. We do our best to live out our faith in this community.


Bereans represent what we hope to be – people who seek God’s Word with minds that are powered by the Holy Spirit. Paul’s message challenged them, and their searching of the scriptures was probably not a casual affair. Most likely, they read intently, prayed and pondered, and probably had some amazing discussions.

We aspire to be a community like the Bereans… but with coffee and donuts.

It’s 2016, so now what?

Instead of new years resolutions that we won’t keep because “the spirit truly is ready, but the flesh is weak” (Mk 14.38), how about asking yourself some questions. Questions makes us think and demand an answer – both of which are better ways to actually do something new than vague aspirations like “read my bible more”.

AWANA Thanksgiving

We hosted the AWANA families for a Thanksgiving meal. It was great to spend some time with the parents, and the food was SO GOOD. Pastor Oz presented the gospel as well. So blessed for such a great turnout in support of AWANA! Tweet

Fall Festival 2015

Fall Festival 2015 was such a great day. We met many new friends and enjoyed seeing some familiar faces. We had delicious food, tons of candy, and some fun games. And, we had Pastor Leigh Olin (Pastor Oz) and Vernon 7 Jeanette Peppers who each presented the gospel in such unique ways. A family was…