AWANA update

As we close out 2016, we thought we would provide a brief update of our program.

AWANA Update

We thought we would catch everyone up on what has been going on in AWANA up to the halfway point this year. We have been blessed with new teachers, some new equipment, and lots of new faces. We have made several changes to the curriculum and the format of our program this year as well.

We changed the opening ceremony in order to incorporate more worship and to allow us to have a devotion time that gives an opportunity for leaders and students to share a devotion. We hope it is an chance for those who felt led to be able to grow in their gifts.

There are many new faces in Sparks this year, and we are excited to see that class grow. Mrs, Debbie is doing a wonderful job with this class!

TNT has some new faces as well, and one of those faces belongs to a new teacher! Eddie and Dawn have done a great job of really helping TNT students internalize the scriptures that they are learning.

Journey is using a new curriculum this year that is designed to encourage discussion and engagement. Mrs. Beth is also getting some help from Ashley and Jeff – and she needs it, there are lots of new members to the class!

Game time has been changed up a bit too – Ashton is now our games director. She brings lots of new creativity to the games.


While there are many changes to our program, the goal remains the same – to help kids grow in their walk with Christa and learn the scriptures. We are looking forward to 2017! Merry Christmas!