The Story of Easter

Laser light show flyer.
Second Baptist Church
Free for all, each Friday & Saturday in April, beginning at dark and lasting about an hour.

Outdoor laser show

We are so excited to be able to present the story of Easter in a truly unique way – through an outdoor laser show projected onto a 25 foot screen! “Easter is for you” tells the story of Easter and why it matters to every person. Each Friday and Saturday night in April, we will share this amazing story through the awesome medium of a laser show. 

Lasers are amazing, but the story is even better!

In this unique format, we’ll provide the deeper meaning behind the day that many people only know as a holiday about candy and gifts. Grounded in a historical event that changed the world, Easter is the story of God’s love for all people. It’s the story of a love so strong that no power would stop it. A story of rescue, redemption, and reconciliation that our culture needs today.

Second Baptist is shining the story of Jesus into the community for all those who need to hear its truth

So many people are searching for their identity and for meaning in their lives. Jesus died and rose again so that each person could find their identity in Him, so that no one would ever have to wonder who they were, or whether they matter. Jesus died for each of us – we are all cherished and valued, beyond anything we can imagine. Jesus eagerly awaits for every one to accept Him. So, we are telling His story in a way that everyone can know that Jesus loves them. It is our hope that this laser show makes it clear that anyone can turn to Jesus and find forgiveness, reconciliation, and everlasting life.  

Easter is the story of how this is all made possible in and through Jesus. Easter is for everyone. Easter is for you.

Easter is for You is an outdoor event, so please bring a chair or blanket to sit on. The show will last about an hour, and start each night at dark (about 8:30 PM). We ask that you bring no pets, food, or other items which would be inappropriate for a church environment. Please, no photography or video of any kind as the show is copyright protected.  Keep informed on the latest by following us on facebook!

Check out our calendar to stay up to date on the latest events! You can also find out about how to connect to our church or about our story

2018 VBS – Polar Blast!



Please register each participant here:  VBS Registration Form


2017 Camp Out VBS!

We are excited to introduce our 2017 Vacation Bible School program for Second Baptist:

Camp Out – Getting S’more of Jesus!

Camp Out VBS

We are looking forward to having your campers join us to learn more about Jesus!

  • Games
  • Crafts
  • Bible lessons
  • Snacks

Dates: Sunday July 16 – Wednesday July 19, 6:30 pm to 8:45 PM

Ages: 3 yrs to 12th grade

Pre-registration will help us prepare for your camper:

Registration Form


We are also providing transportation to and from VBS :

Please call the church at 770.942.3696 or email us at to arrange transportation.


Location: 4024 Highway 5, Douglasville, Georgia, 30135

AWANA update

AWANA Update

We thought we would catch everyone up on what has been going on in AWANA up to the halfway point this year. We have been blessed with new teachers, some new equipment, and lots of new faces. We have made several changes to the curriculum and the format of our program this year as well.

We changed the opening ceremony in order to incorporate more worship and to allow us to have a devotion time that gives an opportunity for leaders and students to share a devotion. We hope it is an chance for those who felt led to be able to grow in their gifts.

There are many new faces in Sparks this year, and we are excited to see that class grow. Mrs, Debbie is doing a wonderful job with this class!

TNT has some new faces as well, and one of those faces belongs to a new teacher! Eddie and Dawn have done a great job of really helping TNT students internalize the scriptures that they are learning.

Journey is using a new curriculum this year that is designed to encourage discussion and engagement. Mrs. Beth is also getting some help from Ashley and Jeff – and she needs it, there are lots of new members to the class!

Game time has been changed up a bit too – Ashton is now our games director. She brings lots of new creativity to the games.


While there are many changes to our program, the goal remains the same – to help kids grow in their walk with Christa and learn the scriptures. We are looking forward to 2017! Merry Christmas!

One Hundred Years!

One Hundred Years!

We started out on the other side of town as a small church for the local mill. In fact, that was our original name, the Mill Village church. The sound of our bell would ring out each Sunday, inviting people to come in for worship and preaching. Today, we don’t ring a bell, but our invitation still echoes out into our community through the people who make us the church that we are today.

We are so blessed to be a church with a legacy that has brought us into our 100th year! God has been good to us through these years, and we look forward to many more!

Some of our youth dressed up in period costumes to help us recognize just how much has changed in the last century. The good news is the we are still a church that glorifies God, honors His Word, and Worships Jesus. We do our best to live out our faith in this community.

Praise God!

2016 VBS – High Seas Adventure

2016 VBS – High Seas Adventure

We want to thank everyone who helped make our 2016 VBS a success. To the folks who decorated and helped with setup, the kitchen team, teachers, game director, van drivers, crafts, and everything thing else – THANK YOU!

We had a special VBS this year:

  • One of our youth taught a class (Go Spencer!)
  • Ashton had awesome games and did a great job in her first time handling activities for VBS
  • and most importantly… 8 kids began a new relationship with Jesus!

We hope you will come join us next year for VBS… this is how Second Baptist lives out the gospel of Jesus!