2017 Officer Appreciation

We recently celebrated all of the people who make it possible for Second Baptist to exist. It takes a lot of help to be a church, and we are blessed with a great group of people who serve the Lord in our community. All manner of recognition that is shown now will pale in comparison to the day when our Lord recognizes all of those who have lived out their gratitude in service to Him (Romans 12.1).

Until that day, we can do our best to tell people that they matter, that what they do matters to us, and most importantly, thank you. We wouldn’t be much of a church if the pastor didn’t preach or the choir didn’t sing, but it could be argued that if the trash didn’t get taken out, we wouldn’t be much of church either. In other words – there are no small jobs, no unimportant tasks.

Often left unsaid, is that service often comes with a burden. Sometimes that burden is a question – “Does what I do matter?” So, we do our best to help everyone who serves at Second Baptist to have a clear answer – “YES!” If we forget to express it from time to time, or seem to take it for granted, please know that each one of you that serves in our church is appreciated. We are here because of you.

Thank you