2016 – AWANA Redneck Snowball Fight

How do you have a snowball fight in April? Flour + socks + a lot of SPACE + some teens. The better question is why would you do such a thing? They called it Redneck Snowball. It looked like a lot fun… until a mob a crazy teens chased me all over the field.

Inside of the innocuous looking blue bin was an arsenal that would make any pastry chef proud. At first it was all fun and games, then out of the blue, they turned. ON ME. It looked like the clouds were falling out of the skies as the projectiles rained down. There was no escape. I believe some AWANA leaders were in on the mayhem too!

It is a good thing that Eddie brought his blower to clean us up, and it’s a REALLY good thing that the pastor’s car is white!