New to Second Baptist

Visiting Second Baptist

Visitors are honored guests at Second Baptist! Here you can find answers to some of your questions about Second Baptist – we are looking forward to meeting you in person!



10:00 AM Sunday School
11:00 AM Worship Service

6:00 PM Evening Worship Service


7:00 PM Bible Study Service

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What to expect when you visit

Where do I go when I get to Second Baptist?

Visiting any new church can seem confusing – please feel free to ask us for assistance, we want you to have a meaningful and enjoyable worship service. Bible Study & Fellowship classes for adults are located downstairs. Any of our members will be happy to introduce you to your class. Pathways (college & career) meets upstairs. All other ages meet upstairs.

After Bible Study & Fellowship, everyone gathers downstairs in the sanctuary for worship.

Where do I take my children?

Nursery services are provided for all services, including Bible Study & Fellowship, and it is located upstairs. We will be happy to escort you to the nursery to introduce you to our nursery staff.

Easter is for You!

Easter is for you laser show flyer
Each Friday and Saturday night in April we will share the story of Jesus beginning at dark

Outdoor Laser Show

We are so excited to be able to present the story of Easter in a truly unique way – through an outdoor laser show projected onto a 25 foot screen! “Easter is for you” tells the story of Easter and why it matters to every person. Each Friday and Saturday night in April, we will share this amazing story through the awesome medium of a laser show. 

Lasers are amazing, but the story is even better!

In this unique format, we’ll provide the deeper meaning behind the day that many people only know as a holiday about candy and gifts. Grounded in a historical event that changed the world, Easter is the story of God’s love for all people. It’s the story of a love so strong that no power would stop it. A story of rescue, redemption, and reconciliation that our culture needs today.

Second Baptist is shining the story of Jesus into the community for all those who need to hear its truth

So many people are searching for their identity and for meaning in their lives. Jesus died and rose again so that each person could find their identity in Him, so that no one would ever have to wonder who they were, or whether they matter. Jesus died for each of us – we are all cherished and valued, beyond anything we can imagine. Jesus eagerly awaits for every one to accept Him. So, we are telling His story in a way that everyone can know that Jesus loves them. It is our hope that this laser show makes it clear that anyone can turn to Jesus and find forgiveness, reconciliation, and everlasting life.  

Easter is the story of how this is all made possible in and through Jesus. Easter is for everyone. Easter is for you.

Easter is for You is an outdoor event, so please bring a chair or blanket to sit on. The show will last about an hour, and start each night at dark (about 8:30 PM). We ask that you bring no pets, food, or other items which would be inappropriate for a church environment. Please, no photography or video of any kind as the show is copyright protected.  Keep informed on the latest by following us on facebook!

Check out our calendar to stay up to date on the latest events! You can also find out about how to connect to our church or about our story