One Hundred Years!

We are so blessed to be a church with a legacy that has brought us into our 100th year! God has been good to us through these years, and we look forward to many more!

Some of our youth dressed up in period costumes to help us recognize just how much has changed in the last century. The good news is the we are still a church that glorifies God, honors His Word, and Worships Jesus. We do our best to live out our faith in this community.

2016 VBS – High Seas Adventure

We had a special VBS this year:

* One of our youth taught a class (Go Spencer!)
* Ashton had awesome games and did a great job in her first time handling activities for VBS
* and most importantly… 8 kids began a new relationship with Jesus!

We hope you will come join us next year for VBS… this is how Second Baptist lives out the gospel of Jesus!

2016 – ascend^ – summer camp

We had another great camp this year – we spent a week at the Ocoee River. Our theme was “ascend” – and we explored:

* the ideas of our minds ascending over the thinking of this culture we live in,
* our service in God’s Kingdom ascending as a thank offering,
* the mountains we each have to ascend in our growth
* the promise that one day we will ascend to the final expression of our salvation to be with our Lord

2016 – AWANA Redneck Snowball Fight

How do you have a snowball fight in April? Flour + socks + a lot of SPACE + some teens. The better question is why would you do such a thing? They called it Redneck Snowball. It looked like a lot fun… until a mob a crazy teens chased me all over the field. Inside…

Missionary David Combe

Missionary David Combe and his family shared with us exciting updates about their ministry in Mexico City. They have accomplished so much in over a decade of ministry, and they have exciting plans for growth through a new college, radio ministry expansion, and training others to go out into all of Mexico.


Bereans represent what we hope to be – people who seek God’s Word with minds that are powered by the Holy Spirit. Paul’s message challenged them, and their searching of the scriptures was probably not a casual affair. Most likely, they read intently, prayed and pondered, and probably had some amazing discussions.

We aspire to be a community like the Bereans… but with coffee and donuts.

people involved in youth sunday

Youth Sunday – 1-31-16

Youth Sunday – 1-31-16 2BC Youth had a great day! We had members from our Youth group teach in every bible study class, and they all got rave reviews (maybe some of us will be out of a job soon)! Our entire youth group sang songs and few did a special on their own. This…